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Busoga tops Uganda’s poorest regions – UBOS

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) report indicates that the incidence income poverty levels in Uganda during the Covid-19 pandemic have increased to 22 per cent from 19 per cent with the Busoga region at 14 per cent. Experts are now calling for an audit into the government running projects in the affected areas that were meant to alleviate locals from Poverty.

Busoga has over the years been ranked top among regions with high poverty levels. In response, the government has come with several interventions but these seem not to be working since the poverty levels are continuing to rise.

A report released by Uganda bureau of statistics indicates that poverty levels have increased from the time coronavirus was confirmed in Uganda last year.

The report shows that poverty levels in the Busoga sub-region stands at 14.5 per cent, followed by the Bukedi sub-region at 10.4 and the Acholi region with 10.3 per cent.

Out of the 8.3 million people believed to be below the poverty line, 1.162 million people are in Busoga sub region, where many cannot afford a pair of shoes.

In the affected areas, children were subjected to child labour. This is explained by the 14 per cent rise from 21 per cent to 36 per cent.

Besides the rising poverty levels, access to education is yet another challenge, with most learners trekking long distances, which explains the high school dropout.

The Uganda Bureau of Statistic Executive Director Chris Bhusha says the high poverty rates show that the different projects geared towards poverty alleviation have failed.

Experts say the government has to come up with mechanisms to transform the economy, more so encouraging farmers to embrace commercial farming to foster growth .

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