The insurance regulatory authority (IRA) is focused on improving service delivery in the sector, following reports of bureaucracies from " />

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July 17, 2024
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IRA develops new charter to improve service delivery

The insurance regulatory authority (IRA) is focused on improving service delivery in the sector, following reports of bureaucracies from sector players.

The IRA Chief Executive Officer Ibrahim Kaddunabbi warns that if any officer fails to deliver on time as stipulated in the newly launched Insurance charter, he or she will be reprimanded.

Reports have over the years pinned Government agencies for failing service delivery due to their bureaucracies. This has resulted in the loss of trust in the IRA by the population.

The insurance regulatory authority is not any exception. Some of the players say the turnaround time has affected the growth of the insurance sector.

The Chairman of the Uganda Insurers Association, Latimer Mukasa says believe the timelines will play an important role in speeding up the process as opposed to what was being done previously.

“Sometimes there would have been some delays in time of response and that’s why we are happy that there is a clear timeline set on each and every item that we are dealing with,” he said.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the insurance Regulatory authority Ibrahim Kaddunabi the behavior has to change.  

He says; “We cannot continue to do things in business-as-usual mode. As you are aware, we are working tin the new normal and we want to be certain that the timelines are clear and known to everybody,” he said.

To achieve this the authority has designed a client’s charter which has stipulated the timeline and the framework, insurance players to get the service.

Kaddunabi says, this will help in reducing the time versus response gap.

“We want to achieve fairness; we want to achieve certainty and we want to improve on times we have been taking to respond to issues that have been coming to us.”

The authority has cautioned the officers against acting contrary to the clients’ charter.  

“If any one of us, or any of my officers, are not fulfilling the timelines which have been given, it should be brought to my attention as the CEO but even if it’s me, I should be reported that I am not doing as promised and this to us should improve the way we do business.”

The charter provides the timeline on services offered to improve efficiency.

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