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July 18, 2024
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Government sets new guidelines ahead of schools re-opening

Schools have been told to transform into classroom, facilities like libraries, laboratories, dining halls, main halls where available.

This is in preparation to re-opening of schools for candidate classes of P7, S4 and S6 as well as University finalists. According to the new guidelines, there should not be more than seventy learners in a room or hall of any size for a lesson or other purposes.

Also, safe temporary shelters, such as tents, and open-air spaces, such as tree shades may be improvised as temporary venues for some classes are also looked at to be used as classrooms. 

However, the Education ministry says institutions with large numbers of candidates, which cannot be accommodated in the available rooms at the social distancing shall make arrangements to operate either morning or afternoon shifts or get an alternate-day attendance schedule. 

Government recently announced that all finalists will return to school on September 20, while the other classes are waiting to be told when to return. It is believed that the other classes will also go for second term studies in October.

The new guidelines were reached at during a series of meetings to develop possible working documents to guide the process with the latest offering guidance on several aspects ranging from school fees, reopening of international and special needs school, management of staff, and the effective utilization of schools’ facilities among others.  
In March, schools closed down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. 

Fresh ideas considered include among others the possible full capacity reopening of schools for learners with special needs and international schools provided they can adhere to the social distancing of at least two meters.

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