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April 14, 2024
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Here is the reason why NRM mobilizer Majambere was beaten to pulp at Jakana Nadduli’s burial

Popular NRM mobilizer Majambere was yesterday beaten up so badly at the burial of Jakana Nadduli, the son of veteran politician Al Hajji Nadduli.

Majambere was beaten by NUP supporters as a number of them were seen putting on the People Power red attire.

These people especially the youths downed on him and rained on him blows and anything they could find useful.

This beating left him with all his teeth gone and it was only the mercy of some people at this funeral that saved him.

Real names, Ivan Kamuntu, Majambere reportedly tried to block the NUP team from addressing the mourners which got him a thorough beating that he probably won’t ever forget.

Majambere who is a known Muhoozi and Museveni fanatic has on several occasions provocated all those critical to the government and first son.

In his social media handles, Majambere actually says that the power of the gun is able to fulfill anything.

Such an embarrassment that the gun yesterday was no where to save him as he got clobbered.

His bio further says “Press Secretary for Gen. Salim Saleh, National coordinator MK2026, Chairman NRM taskforce Kampala Region, A Chwezi. Amanyi Gemundu gasoboola buli kimu.”

Despite his seemingly tribal, sectarian and volatile language which is so dangerous, nothing has ever been done to reprimand him.

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