Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, is proud to announce the l" />
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June 18, 2024
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Liquid Intelligent Technologies launches Gaborone Metro Ring in Botswana

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, is proud to announce the launch of the Gaborone Metro Ring, a world-class, high-capacity, high-speed, and secure telecommunication network that will empower local businesses, providing a huge boost to Botswana’s economic growth.

The Metro Ring is being rolled out in two phases and aims to benefit hundreds of businesses in its initial phase, with further connections planned for phase two. “The launch of the first phase will reduce tariffs for local and international data products, making it more accessible to small and medium businesses that have previously been disadvantaged as compared to the larger enterprises,” says Odirile Tamajobe, Managing Director of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Botswana.

Increased access to high-speed fibre connectivity is critical to improving not just telecommunication services for businesses and individuals but will also bring about substantial social and economic benefits. By providing an extensive and efficient telecommunication network, this project plays a vital role in the growth and expansion plan of the region.

It will also generate employment opportunities and contribute to the overall development and expansion of the national economy. Specifically targeting high-density areas of Gaborone, this project is set to revolutionise telecommunications and support the surging demand for high-speed internet as an increasing number of local businesses continue their digital transformation journeys. 

“This project is a major milestone in Botswana realising its potential as one of Africa’s growing economic hubs. The completion of the first phase reinforces Liquid’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for connectivity and aligns with our vision of a digitally connected Botswana in which no one is left behind,” states Tamajobe.

The project also supports the government’s strategic plan, Botswana Vision 2036, to elevate the country’s economic status from upper-middle-income to high-income within the next 13 years. It serves as a prime example of progress towards Botswana’s ambitious goals through technological development.

The Metro Ring represents a significant achievement in Gaborone’s telecommunications infrastructure, showcasing the successful collaboration between the public and private sectors to advance technology for the benefit of Botswana. The Metro Ring symbolises Liquid Botswana’s high-level digital infrastructure capability and continued and unwavering commitment to steer and create sector growth opportunities aggressively whilst increasing its market share.

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