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Video: Ghanaian Parliament Shocks Internet After Using Footballers Romelu Lukaku And Harry Maguire To Explain Their Country Affairs

The Parliament in Ghana left social media users perplexed after deciding to use footballers, Harry Maguire and Romelu Lukaku to describe the state of affairs in their county.

Taking to the floor of Parliament to discuss about the 2023 budget, one of the MPs from the ruling party decided to use Manchester United captain and England defender , Harry Maguire to pass over his message.

This Mp said that Harry Maguire used to play bullish football and he was seen as the best defender in the world which prompted Man U to sign him at an exorbitant fee.

However, Maguire shockingly became the opposite of his job, tackling his teammates and giving assists to the opponents.

And when the opponents fail to convert these assists from Maguire, he will score them into his own net instead. And in Ghana, they have an economic Maguire.

This Maguire received applause from many thinking he’s smart enough in helping to manage the financial crisis and even lectures on how to restore the value of Ghana’s currency at one of the top Universities in the country.

All this economic Maguire does is economically mismanaging the country and plundering it into a further and deeper crisis.

The MP who was making these remarks is known as Isaac Adango and his attack was targeting Ghana’s vice president Mahamudu Bawumia.

Harry Maguire. He is a defender. He was tackling and throwing his body everywhere like he was the best defender in the world.

‘Manchester United went and bought him. He became the biggest threat at the centre of Manchester United’s defence, tackling his own players and giving assists to opponents.

‘Even when the opponents failed to score, Maguire would score for them.’

He continued: ‘Mr Speaker, you will remember in this country we also have an economic Maguire. 

Mr Speaker why did we give this Maguire the chance to be at the centre of our defence? He became the risk of own goal.’

‘Our economic Maguire is taking control of the fundamentals of our economy and destroying all of them,’ he said. 

Another MP stood up to defend the VP from Adango’s remarks and said that the whole world is facing economic crises.

It’s therefore better to maintain Maguire and build his confidence than bring in a striker such as Romelu Lukaku.

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