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June 23, 2024
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Video: Taibah school impresses with acting skill on current political crisis

Taibah Primary School has impressed the Public with their acting skills following a skit that was uploaded on social media. The young kids can be seen performing a Bobi Wine song as the public cheer them on.

Amidst their acting, police and the military interrupted the show beating up everyone and jeopardizing everything.

This satirical skit was aimed at portraying the current state of political persecution in the country especially towards Bobi Wine, NUP and the opposition by the state.

A number of people have now come out to react this incident.

Some hailed it while others have come out to criticize it saying that this is propagating hate into people.

“Please our children must be out of this nosense.”

“This has gone to far get the children out of your politics, please.”

“This is top-quality content. One would hope that @PoliceUg,
, and @HuduHussein
get embarrassed by this, but most likely they won’t.

It’s waited to see if the government takes action against the school as has severally been the case against some of those criticizing it.

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