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Asiimwe1900 /Malaika Love Biography

Asiimwe1900 /Malaika Love has seen her photos trend all over social media for the past few days.

This was in the wake of a rumor suggesting that there is an adult video out there belonging to her.

Netizens have tried digging everywhere for it but in vain.

But who is Asiimwe1900/Malaika Love?

Well there isn’t enough information about her besides her photos.

However sources say that she’s about 18 years old. This could partly explain the happiness she’s derived from pushing the narrative of her video being there without taking into context the impact it could have on her.

Further sources say that she’s at one of the higher learning institutions in Mbarara where she’s a renowned slay queen partly to her gorgeous looks.

Apparently she’s a party animal that doesn’t miss attending high flying concerts in Mbarara.

She’s also an influencer there and this alleged video of hers has helped to grow her numbers and clientele.

A source privy to the situation who preferred anonymity said that the video doesn’t exist at all and it’s a narrative Asiimwe1900 pushed herself.

And luckily for her, she’s gotten numbers off it as her social media numbers have quickly skyrocketed.

This then brings us down to the big question, is the video there?

Well you would rather be sent to Russia on foot than accessing this video because it’s none existent and you should stop wasting your time looking for it.

She however keeps confusing her followers by dwelling on this topic so much.

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