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Video: Shock as five female activities storm UN meeting branding Ugandan AG Kiryowa Kiwanuka a liar

There was a standstill yesterday during the UN Committee against torture in Geneva, Switzerland.

As the Attorney General of Uganda, Mr Kiryowa Kiwanuka made his submission against torture in Uganda, these women stormed the meeting and branded him a liar.

Kiwanuka defended the government back in Kampala against allegations of torture.

He added that the government’s commitment to protecting the rights of Ugandans has remained resolute.

This follows the numerous cases of abductions and torture by Ugandans especially those that support the opposition.

Kiwanuka further denied the existence of safe houses in Uganda.

Most opposition members and supporters have claimed to have been tortured from there after being kidnapped.

He further told the committee that there is accountability for abuses and the Uganda government does prosecute those who have allegedly committed torture crimes against fellow citizens.

However, as he concluded his submission, about 5 female activists from Uganda stormed the house with pictures and t-shirts showing those who have allegedly been tortured and killed by the Ugandan government.

They called Kiryowa Kiwanuka a liar and added that Uganda is bleeding.

This protest lasted about 2 minutes and security later escorted them out.

These were later handed over to the Swiss police for interrogation but later on released without any charges.

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