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Video: Unbelievable! Man who has been deetoothing men disguising as woman nabbed

There was shock at a certain police station in Kampala at some police station after Police nabbed red handed a man who has been pretending to be a woman yet he’s a man.

And as they say that each thief has their lucky day, this fella’s days were indeed numbered and lasted only yesterday.

While at the police station, he was instructed to strip naked.

He removed all his cloths and boy oh boy. Nobody could have took him for a man hadn’t he undressed.

His body shape is just like a woman’s, the voice and traits all are feminine.

Besides, his face was all covered in make up and a look at him would surely make you think ‘she’s the golden star from the east.”

Police however made him untuck his small genitals from the inside of his legs where he had kept them like it was a vault.

It’s said that this fella has been going around town in some of the most exquisite bars and fleecing unsuspecting males in order to make ends meet.

These would spend on her hoping to dunk inside her but when the time came to wind down the extra co curricular activities, she would be vanish in thin air.

Prior to the arrest, she was seen with renowned band music lover, a one uncle Dynamite having a good time.

Dynamite probably thought that he had landed himself a snack for the night.

He held on to her tightly as they danced but little did he know that he was zero dancing with a fellow man.

The public has however showed disgust over the way he was handled at the Police saying that this was an infringement on his rights.

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