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July 18, 2024
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Shocking video shows Ugandan nursery kids doing sexual acts in class

Parenting is one of the aspects that has largely failed in our current society.

With the busy schedules of trying to make ends meet, parents have really left their roles to third parties such as relatives, domestic workers, media stations and others to fill in the void.

And little is known about such people’s backgrounds as these end up manipulating these young kids and indoctrinating them with their own beliefs.

Often times these have resulted into the wrong ideas being propagated in these kids.

This was evident in a video uploaded on different social media platforms.

A teacher of nursery kids nabbed two of her pupils engaging in these horrendous acts.

And worst of all is that they were not doing it the normal way but eating their ‘susus.’

The teacher on catching them asked them to repeat the same thing they were doing.

These kids first refused until she brought out a stroke to cane them.

Shockingly, beside the girl and boy who were the actors, there was a third learner who was teaching them what to do and how to do it.

They went ahead to show their teacher how they did it before she started caning them.

A lot of peope took to condemning the teacher for telling them to repeat the sickening act.

These argued that she would have called for their parents and narrated to them then find a suitable punishment.

Others however said that it was a lame excuse to blame the teacher and then overlook the act.

Well maybe its time parents reclaimed their parental roles and not to leave them to others to play them on their behalf

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