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June 18, 2024
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Stop acting like you won’t die – Museveni tells Bobi Wine

President Museveni has blasted NUP leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine and all those who celebrated Gen Elly Tumwine’s death last month.

Taking to his Twitter page, Museveni said that he had been busy and was yet to read through the outrageous comments posted by sadists after Tumwine’s demise.

The President revealed how he had gone through these and pointed some notable ones from Bobi Wine and author Kakwenza Rukira.

Museveni said that what these ought to know is that everyone dies. They should therefore stop living in self denial as if they will live on the earth forever.

The only question for these is the legacy they will leave behind when their demise befalls them.

“1. Mr. Kakwenza “moaned” (meaning mourned) with and admonishing everybody to be “humble” –meaning

  1. Mr. Bobi Wine –became biblical, quoting “dust to dust” pleasure; that Tumwiine was not humble.”
    “We all shall die, eventually. That, therefore, like the person in question or not. People who die cannot be a matter for celebrating whether you that are deceiving yourselves.”

The President then went ahead to highlight the achievements of Gen Elly Tumwine.

Celebrating Tumwine’s death which happened at his 68 years only shows how the likes of Bobi Wine and Kakwenza Rukira are shallow minded.

This is because the late General didn’t fear death as he attacked it while in his 20’s when he went to join the bush to help in liberating the country.

Further, Museveni criticized all those who claim to be in the ‘have nots’ category and take it upon themselves to hate the ‘haves.’

The President revealed that since the NRM came to power, it has been instituting programs to bridge the economic gap between Ugandans.

However, some of those who are cursing refused to embrace them reason they continue languishing in poverty.

Museveni additionally defended Tumwine’s controversial comments which the General aired at a time he was the Security Minister.

Following the fatal shooting of over 50 people in the November 2021 riots folllowing Bobi Wine’s arrest, Tumwine said that Police reserved the right to shoot all those violently rioting.

Museveni said that these were not Tumwine’s words but rather those of the constitution that he was quoting.

“His comment about shooting rioters, is not his composition.
He was informing the Public about the Riot Act, in Uganda
the Penal Code Act, which is used in many countries.”

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