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Ugandans accuse President Museveni of favoritism after orders to PM to save close friend’s business

Ugandans on social media and the public at large have been left shocked after the President H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni personally wrote to the Prime Minister Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja directing her to save a fuel business of a certain Ugandan that is on the verge of collapse.

In a letter dated 5th September, Museveni told Nabbanja that a certain Ugandan family dynasty known as the Rugazoora’s need quick government intervention since they are so active in the business in Uganda.

It should be recalled that businesses globally both small and large scale were hit terribly by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The effects are still being felt even up to now after close to a year of businesses reopening.

Despite the numerous interventions put in place by government to rehabilitate these businesses in Uganda, few have been able to recover, some have collapsed while others are on the verge of collapse.

Among those who have been affected is money bags and businessman Geoffrey Rugazoora and his entire family.

Rugazoora is the CEO of Mogas Uganda Limited, a fuel supplying company.

Museveni in his letter advised Nabbanja on how best to support Rugazoora and his family so that there business doesn’t follow the likes of Wavamuno and his WBS TV, Greenland bank, Sembule among others.

Its reported that Rugazoora secured audience with President Museveni and presented his pressing issue and luckily for him, Museveni offered to help offset the troubles facing his business.

Rugazoora has huge loans he owes the government but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he couldn’t pay them in time.

He however has about 15 acres of land along the railway line in Mukono. He offered these to the government to sell them and recover its money.

“There is a Ugandan family, the Rugazooras, that are quite active in businesses, including owning Petrol Stations in Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Congo etc. They have some debts that they could not promptly settle because of the Corona-19 Pandemic,” Gen Museveni wrote to Prime Minister Nabbanja on September 05.

“However, they have prime land of 15 acres in Mukono near the railway. If the Government bought that land, they would get the money that could help them to reschedule their debts into manageable instalments that they would be able to pay over a period of seven years.”

The copy of this letter was sent to the VP Hon Jessica Alupo, the Finance minister Hon Matia Kasaija amd Geoffrey Rugazoora the Executive Director of Mogas Uganda Limited.

These were advised to seek the guidance of the Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka in selling off this land and how to settle the debt.

“Let, therefore, the appropriate agency of Government buy that land at the prevailing market price. Should it be Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development or Works or which one to buy?” further wrote Museveni.

“Involve the Attorney General to advise you. Move fast so that the debt does not escalate.”

There are also many Ugandans with even bigger businesses who are suffering the same misfortunes but haven’t gotten the intervention of the government.

This has been the same case as many other popular businessmen who have seen their businesses collapse yet they could have been saved by government intervention but it paid a blind eye.

This is what is hurting many Ugandans who have taken to commenting about this matter as they accuse the government of double standards with some pointing our tribalism.

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