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I’m not Bobi Wine’s level, he should discuss with Kato Lubwama- Hon Muhammad Nsereko

The MP for Kampala City Hon Muhammad Nsereko has come out to lambast the leader of the National Unity Platform, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

According to Nsereko who identifies as opposition, he’s not at Bobi Wine’s intellectual level.

Bobi can only go head to head with the likes of Kato Lubwama and not him Nsereko revealed.

The MP further added that politics is just like boxing, you can only punch your size and not either below or above.

Therefore the self styled ghetto gladiator’s weight is Kato Lubwama.

“I cant have certain discussions with @HEBobiwine, he can only have meaningful discussions with Kato Lubwama. Politics is like boxing, you punch against your weight and in this case Bobi Wine’s weight is Kato Lubwama, not me.”

For some time, the two haven’t been the best of friends and despite identifying as opposition, they have clashed severally.

The latest row is the computer misuse bill which was presented by Hon Muhammad Nsereko.

This bill has garnered widespread criticism from the public as they see it as violating their freedom of speech and expression.

According to the Daily Monitor, this bill seeks to “criminalise the writing, sending or sharing of any information through a computer, which is likely to ridicule, degrade or demean another person, group of persons, tribe, ethnicity, religion, or gender; create divisions among persons, a tribe, an ethnicity, a religion or gender; and or, promote hostility against a person, group of persons, a tribe, an ethnicity group, a religion or gender.”

Bobi Wine came out a few days ago to lambast Nsereko saying that he will be the first victim of this outrageous and besides this bill is targeting the opposition especially NUP.

“Nsereko will be the first victim of the Computer Misuse Act that he is trying to promote to shut down Ugandans,” he said during an interview on NTV Uganda.

“That Nsereko Bill that you call the Computer Misuse Act is targeting us. The regime is trying to make sure people have no free speech. The constitution is against that law because it mandates our free speech,” he added.

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