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Doreen Nyanjura finally reveals why she doesn’t want to get married

It seems like Kampala deputy lord mayor won’t be getting married soon unless she gets a man who can submit to her wishes.

Taking to her Twitter page, she revealed how she detests the practice of women adopting men’s names after marriage.

According to Nyanjura, she doesn’t see the reason why men remain with their names both single and after marriage yet a woman has to change to a man’s name after getting married.

And worst of all, the children born between them adopt the man’s name.

The politician is further baffled by people who see this as something okay.

However, Nyanjura who has identified more as a feminist saw her view met with widespread criticism.

Many of her followers disagreed with her about this and labeled her feminism as taking a toxic approach.

“We live in a patriarchy society, however there are societies which are matriarchy, so you can always choose. Another thing I’m tired of this toxic feminism, feminism is all about women’s rights, inclusion, and more but not a woman becoming a man . We have our own power as women,” one of her followers said to which she replied that “I hear a Woman becoming a man, what makes a man, a man and what makes a woman a woman is not social roles but biology.”

The politician then proceeded to suggest how she wants a man that can take up her name in the marriage.

This is the only way she will be consenting to get married.

Hopefully the likes of Hon David Kabanda who fancy about getting her picked up notes.

Doreen a while ago revealed how how about three of her relationships failed because of her political career.

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