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Stella Nyanzi celebrates Kabaka Mwanga on Martyrs Day

Known for her controversial remarks and actions, former Makerere University professor Dr Stella Nyanzi is at it again. She took to her Facebook page to celebrate the late Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom Kabaka Mwanga.

Dr Stella said this on the 3rd of June which is a sacred day to Christians globally but more especially in Uganda since its Martyrs day.

In 1886, Mwanga the then ruler of Buganda ordered for the execution of over 20 converts of Christianity. He accused these of defying his orders and attempting to overthrow him.

These were subsequently burnt amd murderd alive at different places in Buganda but the biggest number was executed at Namugongo where the current Martyrs shrine sits.

According to Nyanzi, the so called Martyrs were traitors who betrayed the Kabaka after they embraced colonization and Christianity.
She therefore said that she can’t partake in the colonial celebrations of traitors.

“As a Muganda committed to the thankless project of decolonization I celebrate Kabaka Mwanga on this national public holiday marked as Martyrs day in Uganda. These so-called Martyrs were traitors who betrayed our Kabaka when they yielded to Christianisation and colonization. Hate me or love me, I refuse to partake of your colonial celebrations of sellouts who betrayed Buganda, our king and our norms, ” she wrote on her Facebook page.


Lots of theories and opinions have always debated about these matters and if Mwanga was right to execute them. These were bound to chase anarchy by disrespecting the king in his own territory sponsored by the White Christian missionaries.

The indigenous African history scholars believe what they did was treason and deserve what befell them since the law was clear although its not a topic the Christians wanted to debate about the sacred .

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