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July 18, 2024
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NUP Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro raliies upon more supporters to insult Frank Gashumba

The Deputy speaker of the National Unity Platform Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro has called upon several of the party supporters to unleash their verbal artillery and insults towards political analyst Frank Gashumba.

This is after Gashumba condemned the party and its hierarchy of the several insults targeting their opponents. According to Gashumba, he’s been criticizing the government for so long, however he has never been insulted the way NUP does.

Further he said that what baffles him is the silence of NUP’S leadership about these insults meaning that they benefit from them.

Gashumba said that most of those who insult him and anybody that differs from NUP has a profile picture of Bobi Wine or a NUP logo.

“I have criticized this government for many years, but I have never been abused this much in my life for criticizing NUP. We shall forgive the young people abusing us online but shall not forgive the people training them.

99% of people demeaning and abusing others online either have a picture of Kyagulanyi as their profile photo or the NUP logo,” says Gashumba.

He would have expected the NUP president to tackle this problem since he has a weapon of music that travels faster than anything.

However, Mufumbiro said that Gashumba shouldn’t even bother about crying about being insulted. This is because its him who provokes these unarmed young people. These youths are aggrieved because a number of atrocities have been meted out onto them.

He further branded Gashumba an obscene elderly man who is a confusion monger. Mufumbiro cited how Gashumba some time ago shot insults at Buganda’s Premier Charles Peter Mayiga. He therefore has no moral authority to criticize those insulting him. Mufumbiro further said that if those who have been insulting Gashumba are 10,000, they should step up their socks to a million.

“Mr. Gashumba doesn’t have the moral authority to talk about young people. He spent a whole week demeaning the Katikkiro of Buganda. He is the most obscene person I have ever met. He is a confusion monger.

NBS, this is a task for you. Make sure that the people you invite here have decorum,” Mufumbiro said.

Mufumbiro had some time ago accused Gashumba of being a sexual harasser plus a fraud. Therefore a person with such a reputation has no moral ground to remove dirt from another person’s eyes.

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