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May 27, 2024
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NRM is ready to announce their candidate whether he wins or doesn’t win the Omoro By-election- Hon Gilbert Olanya

Kilak South County MP Hon Gilbert Olanya has come out to reveal how the NRM is ready to announce their candidate Andrew Ojok Oulanyah as the outright winner.

According to Olanya’s insinuation, the NRM will make sure that their candidate is the winner despite the prevailing circumstances on the day.

Olanya also added that as Opposition, they intended to front one candidate to win the election. The presidents of the different political parties however failed to agree on certain terms.

He also addressed the issue of their candidate Denis Owani who reports had emerged that he had been kidnapped by security forces. However, the FDC followed up the matter and found out that he had been compromised by the NRM and bribed.

However, NRM’s Electoral Commission chairman Dr Tanga Odoi refuted refuted these allegations. He said that this is politics at its best being played by the FDC. Further he said that FDC can’t manage their party well and even have no evidence that the NRM was compromising their candidate.

He also said that he’s ready to go and guard the election himself in Omoro to see that NUP and FDC don’t steal it.

Further Mr Tanga Odoi said that they were worried about FDC fronting Toolit but he had done them a favor by crossing to NUP. And just the fact that NUP wanted Oulanyah dead, they will perform poorly in the election.

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