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UPDF soldiers deployed in Karamoja fear putting on their uniforms- Solomon Sserwanja

Former NBS TV journalist Solomon Sserwanja has come out to reveal how UPDF soldiers deployed in the Karamoja region now fear putting on their uniforms for fear of being killed.

It should be recalled that insecurity has skyrocketed in the region with a number of deaths being done. This has been attributed to cattle rustlers who come from even as far as Kenya among the Turkana people.

The Commander of the Land Forces Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba a few days ago revealed how the UPDF was going to the area to kill all these rustlers until they lose their appetite for looting and killing their neighbors.

Muhoozi also a few days ago revealed how the UPDF had indeed killed many of these since their deployment.

While appearing on the NBS Morning Breeze, Sserwanja revealed that someone through a Twitter space he hosted recently narrated how the insecurity has been ongoing for some time.

Attention has however been turned to the area just after geologists and UPDF soldiers were killed in the area.

“Yesterday, I hosted a Twitter space about Karamoja. People complained that this insecurity has been going on for a long time, but attention was only diverted to the area recently when the geologists were killed.

Someone on the Twitter space yesterday said even the UPDF soldiers in Karamoja don’t want to put on uniforms anymore because they could be targeted,” Solomon Sserwanja said.

Nakawa West MP Hon Joel Ssenyonyi however on the same program said that insecurity is a matter that should be handled by the government.

According to Ssenyonyi some of the murders are done by UPDF as revealed by locals.

Besides the cattle retrieved from these rustlers is not handed back to the locals. Therefore a proper solution should be carried out without panic.

“Insecurity in any place is an indictment on the security and government. When you engage some of the leaders from Karamoja, they say some of the killings are by the UPDF. The locals are also complaining that the cattle retrieved from the rustlers by UPDF aren’t given back to them.

Sometimes we operate in panic. Can we have proper deployment in Karamoja so that the people are safeguared? Otherwise, they might end up in IDP camps,” Hon Joel Ssenyonyi said.

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