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March 5, 2024
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Shocking video shows man being burnt alive by alleged NRM supporters

The rate at which violence and torture is ongoing in the country is alarming and what’s more shocking is that nothing is done by security forces to punish the perpetrators.

A shocking video that has been making rounds on social media shows a man gagged in barbed wire.

All his arms, feet and mouth are tied up using this metal wire. As one person records the shocking incident, another man pours fire onto this victim.

What is more shocking is that the man doing the torture is putting on an NRM t-shirt.


This video has sparked a number of reactions from different social media users.

“Okay… but why come in an NRM T-shirt and then record it. 1. May be to put fear in people that do play with us, that once we get you, something like this will happen to you. OR 2. It’s a staged act to make people hate NRM the more.”

“That was intended why the video shows the NRM yellow http://shirt.you can even know why they never talk or speak in the video.”

“Replying to


This is to tarnish NRM and to make ugandans get tired of the party those tricks worked long time ago where people were less educated but nowadays people are educated so those tricks won’t work here. Anymore.”

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