The Democratic Party presidential candidate Nobert Mao has reached out to the people of Ankole, urging them to back his presidential bid." />

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July 17, 2024
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I am the right person to manage a transition of power from Museveni – Mao to people of Ankole

The Democratic Party presidential candidate Nobert Mao has reached out to the people of Ankole, urging them to back his presidential bid. Mao told told supporters he was the right person to manage the transition of power from longtime leader Yoweri Museveni – who hails from the same region.

Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Nobert Mao received a warm welcome in Ntungamo district as he traversed areas of Ankole. 

Mao alluded to the past regimes that affected the regions where their supporter base concentrated, urging the people of Ankole to aid the peaceful removal of President Yoweri Museveni through voting for the Democratic Party.

“Its obvious that if a leader gets stuck in power, he will be removed by force. It is a natural law. Ugandans are not going to accept a leader who is oppressing people and rigging elections to continue ruling them,” he said before adding that;

“Ugandans want a legitimate government. I don’t have to be the one to plot the violent change, but I can see, I am like a weather forecaster. If I look at the clouds and say there’s going to be a storm. Does it mean I am the one who has caused the storm? I have simply predicted it and warned those who can listen to avoid it.”

He warned that Museveni’s belonging to the Western region will no doubt affect the region if the wrong decisions are made and a peaceful transition is not aided.

“In Uganda it seems that when a leader is removed by force, the region where he comes from suffers. When Amin was removed by force West Nile suffered, when Obote and Okello were removed by force northern Uganda suffered,” he said.

For Mao, the violent clashes between security agencies and opposition supporters coupled with the banning of campaigns in Kampala and other areas are an omen for the forthcoming elections.

A visibly disgruntled Mao couldn’t campaign in Mbarara City after the Electoral Commission classified the area as having high cases of Covid -19. Mao hopes the Commission will rethink the decision.

“We have decided to handle this matter together as the forces of change, those of us who are pro democracy but if Byabakama does not rescind his decision, we shall also defy.”

Mao was traversing parts of Rwampara and Ntungamo districts. Due to time constraints, he was unable to make it to Buhweju district where he was also scheduled to campaign.

Mao will be in the Kigezi region traversing areas of Rubanda, Rukiga and Kisoro districts. 

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