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Parliament is your only and last hope- MP Lutamaguzi to Ugandans

Ugandans should stop hating the current Parliament since it is their only remaining hope for bringing about change in the country, according to Hon. Luttamaguzi Ssemakula, the MP for Nakaseke South. Speaking on a local political talk program, the MP said that the State would be in disarray without them and that, despite their flaws as lawmakers, they are the only hope.

The MP said he doesn’t hold any of the house’s MPs accountable for their morals. This is so because the people who elect these lawmakers are reflected in them.

“People should stop demonizing Parliament because it is the only institution they are left with, despite our shortcomings. I do not blame anyone in Parliament. The Members of Parliament represent the people who voted for them. Parliament is a reflection of Uganda. Things are upside down,” said the MP.

It should be noted that the recent months have uncovered a lot of filth in the Ugandan Parliament. Massive corruption which has been proven and some that is yet to be proven on either sides of the government or opposition is the order of the day.

Some MPs are even behind bars on charges of corruption. A lot of funds have been swindled by some of these MPs either for their own personal benefit or to their constituencies at the expense of the general country.

Some concerned citizens even intend to march to Parliament in protest of the enormous levels of corruption. The NUP MP asserts, however, that Ugandans ought to have confidence in the legislature since it seems to be the one attempting to save the country.

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