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How did famous South African politician Zanele Sifuba video l3ak? Here’s all you need to know

The past few days have seen South African famous politician Zanele Sifuba trend all over social media.

This is after an adult video of hers found it’s way to the internet.

The contents of this video shocked everyone that came across it.

She can be seen playing and massaging her private parts.

This was during a video call where she was interacting with a male person over the phone.

The man can be seen too on the other end of the video jerking himself off.

It seems like Zanele also got in the mood and decided to pleasure herself.

She even at one point flipped the phone to her southern region and shockingly it was full of grey hair.

But how did this video find its way to the internet.

Zanele a mother of 3 is said to have been in a relationship with a certain Nigerian man.

The pair would indulge in this phone s3x habit and it got to a point where each one was comfortable with the other.

This man was however plotting on how to fleece Zanele of huge monies.

After recording this video he threatened to release it if she did not give him the money he wanted.

On refusing to do so, he blackmailed her and released this tape that has left many people across the globe entirely shocked.

According to sources, Sifuba has already opened up a civil case suing the person who leaked this video.

For starters, Zanele Sifuba is the Speaker of Free State and is a high ranking ANC member.

Gender expert Lisa Vetten from South Africa said that all those who shared the video should be held liable because they did so without her consent.

“It’s abuse because the key word here is consent. She did not consent to have these images circulated. When she made them, they were for herself and whoever she made them for, not for the world at large,” added Vetten.

Vetten added by saying that “In an ideal world, it’s part of sexual expression to do something like that, and to share that with your partner is also part of one’s expression. But we live in a less ideal world, and it’s the person who is circulating this stuff that should be prosecuted. It’s not wrong of her to make a video. It’s wrong to leak and circulate it because it’s a ‘nice scandal’.

According to her Wikipedia page, “Ntombizanele Beauty Sifuba is a South African politician and educator who has been the speaker of the Free State Provincial Legislature since May 2019. She was elected to the legislature in the same month. Sifuba is a member of the African National Congress.”

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