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April 14, 2024
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Sylvia Kyansuti: Ugandan artist chasing world record- set to release a 60-Hour song

A Ugandan artist known as Sylvia Kyansuti has revealed how she’s in studio with other artists making a song that plays for 60 hours nonstop.

Kyansuti says she’s after the world record for the longest song and this song that is yet to debut will definitely land her in the record books.

She revealed how she’s working with over 400 musicians on this song that lasts 2 and half days.

Kyansuti said that the song will be released on the 9th of October and will be out there to enjoy for all Ugandans and the entire world.

According to Kyansuti, this song has different genres and will be mostly enjoyed by long distance travellers.

“This song lasts 60 hours and we have done it for Uganda. It has over 400 artists and we want to launch it on the 9th of October. It will be the longest song in Uganda and the entire world. It has several artists such as Khalid, Freeboy among others who you will be learning shortly. It will be a joy to those who drive long distances. There are cultural instruments, there is reggae, hip-hop, RnB among other genres,” she said.

Just imagine such a song that plays from Arua to as far as Kabale and back before it finishes playing.

This revelation has thrown Ugandans into a disbelief mode. Some have wondered who is going to have all this time to listen to this song.

However others have tipped her to get into the Guinness book of records. Others think that it will do well for her on the international market especially in cultural festivals.

Hotels and restaurants are the other places that have been touted to take interest in it plus places that work 24/7.

Sylvia Kyansuti is remembered for her collaboration with Gagamel’s boss Bebe Cool on the Okunsunasuna hit that really rocked the Ugandan media airwaves.

We shall keep you updated once this song is released by Kyansuti.

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