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May 19, 2024
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Stella Nyanzi makes fun of Bebe Cool following singer’s altercation with armed soldier

Former Makerere University Don, Stella Nyanzi through her Facebook page made fun of singer Bebe Cool after he almost got gunned down by an unnamed armed soldier.

Through his Facebook page, the Gagamel chief revealed his altercation with a gunman who knocked his car along a road. When the singer confronted this soldier, he pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot Bebe Cool.

He however somehow disarmed him and took him to the Police station in Ntinda where he proceeded to record a statement. However, this soldier’s colleagues came to his rescue and almost shot everybody including Bebe Cool.

Nyanzi took to her Facebook page to first of all compliment Bebe Cool who she referred to as her cousin. She said that the Bafudde singer’s music has put Uganda in the world scene over the years.

However, he put all his talent amd fame to waste when he decided to side with the tyranny of Museveni who she described as the Continent’s worst dictator.

According to Nyanzi, Bebe Cool shouldn’t be crying to the ‘wanainchi’ since he decided to side against the oppressed and Museveni should have given him protection. But the fact that this can’t be done for him should teach him a lesson.

“Bebe Cool is my talented cousin whose music has shaped Uganda’s scene for decades. Unlike me who opposes dictator Museveni’s corruption, lies, excesses, violations of human rights and violence, Bebe sides with Africa’s worst tyrant. Bebe has used his talent, expertise and varied resources to publicly promote Musevenism,” Nyanzi partly wrote.

“I’m now wondering why my cousin is crying about the njust violence meted out to him by Museveni’s gunman. Even when Bebe took the armed goon who attacked him to the Police station in Ntinda, more gunmen encircled the detention facility, freed their gang member and fled without reprisal.”

“Imagine spending so many years and resources serving a monster who offers no protection from his armed baby monsters! Licking Museveni’s b#ms, licking Museveni’s smelly feet, licking Museveni’s bloody boots, licking Museveni’s ring will not protect you from Museveni’s violent unjust system,” she cautioned the singer.

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