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Hon Patrick Nsamba reveals Ugandans worry about the new coffee agreement

The Member of Parliament for Kasanda north Constituency Hon Patrick Nsamba has come out to reveal Ugandans’ worry about the new coffee agreement.

This agreement that Uganda signed with the Vinci company gives this company exclusive rights about coffee growth and production in the country.

However, Nsamba says that Ugandans are worried why such a company is given monopoly over coffee yet Uganda is a liberal economy.

“What Ugandans are complaining about is the creation of a monopoly in a liberal economy. Everyone wonders about the motive for this.”

The MP adds that he had never heard of this Vinci company not until two years ago when it was given 27 acres of land in Namanve for projects unrelated to coffee.

It’s therefore confusing that a company which has been adding no value to coffee for all this long is being given such entitlements. Besides, it’s this same company that was given money to contruct the multimillion dollar Lubowa hospital but hasn’t done anything yet. This therefore is a continuation of stealing taxpayer’s money

“The first time I heard about Vinci Company was in March 2020, when it had been given 27 acres of land in Namanve. It wasn’t about anything related to coffee.

Vinci Company hasn’t been participating in the coffee value chain, and these are the people the government wants to give exclusive rights to our coffee.

There is no country or President that can allow UGX 1.4 trillion to be stolen, and they do nothing. People’s money is “sitted” at Lubowa Hospital. I see this Coffee Agreement as a continuation of the thuggery of the regime,” Nsamba adds.

He also expressed his disappointment in the Ministry of Finance’s Permanent secretary, Ramathan Ggoobi.

Nsamba says that with the vast level of economic experience the former MUBS lecturer has, he should have done better with this deal.

“One person I get disappointed in is


. He was one person we trusted as an economist to help this country. At least he should have stopped at signing the deal.

I haven’t heard any Ugandan apart from


saying that this Coffee Agreement is good.”

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