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May 19, 2024
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We shall prosecute you – UPDF warns Kenya’s Turkana

The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has put to final notice the Turkana people who cross to Uganda to trade guns. While speaking at the cross-border meeting at Naput in Karamoja, regional security chiefs warned of tougher measures for those who will be found guilty of illegal gun trade. The UPDF has said they will not sit back and watch the Turkana of Kenya destabilize Uganda.

Joseph Balikudembe, the UPDF 3rd Division spokesperson said they will arrest any criminals that cross into the country.

“The common criminals who cross over in form of pastoralists must be arrested and charged in the courts.

The warning comes after an intelligence report revealed that the Turkana people of Kenya were trading guns to the Matheniko of Uganda to which Balikudembe warned all those selling guns to criminals in Uganda that they had outlived their stay.

“if you continue selling guns to criminals in Uganda, you must have outlived your stay in Uganda.”

At the cross-border meeting held at Naput in Karamoja, the joint security team showed exhibits of Kenyan guns recovered in recent operations.

The security team which comprised of the UPDF, the Police and Prison representatives warned the Turkana community that those found guilty will be prosecuted in line with the Ugandan laws.

Erias Kasirabo, the Astu Commandant counded a warning to the criminals that they better surrender peacefully else face the law.

“You better surrender those guns peacefully before the arm of the law visits you. Whoever is found with a gun will appear before our division court martial.”

So far, 40 guns have been recovered since the launch of the new phase of disarmament code named Usalama Kwa Wote

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