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The least Opposition can do is report us to America – Minister Haruna Kasolo

The State Minister for Microfinance Haruna Kasolo Kyeyune while appearing on the NBS Barometer program revealed that all the Opposition can do is to threaten to report the ruling government to America.

The Minister said that the reason for this is because some people still have the fever of neocolonialism in them.

The minister however said that they are not afraid of this as all that the US can do is ban them from going to their place.

Minister Kasolo was speaking in regards to the peace that the ruling government has brought as he said that in the recent governments even being found on the streets with your wife could get you killed.

“Many people still have neocolonialism fever today. They are always saying they will report us to America. We are beyond that. The least they can do is ban us from going to their place.
In the previous regime, you would lose your life for walking with your beautiful wife. You wouldn’t be safe walking with money which doesn’t happen today,” Minister Kasolo said.

The Minister added that unlike in the past, the NRM provided Ugandans with freedom of speech and even restored kingdoms.

He also said that women have been promoted to leadership roles unlike in the recent past when this was a thing unheard of.

“The NRM found kingdoms removed, and it restored them. There is freedom of speech that was absent in previous regimes. Before independence, there were no women representatives. Today we have women representatives in all districts. In the past governments, Nambooze would not be known. President Museveni emancipated women,” Haruna Kasolo added.

However, political analyst Charles Rwomushana said that Uganda had been captured by Museveni and his government.

Rwomushana said that just like how FWD Lugard captured Uganda with his IBEACO company in the colonial era, it’s the same way Mr Museveni captured Uganda with his NRA.

Rwomushana added that whereas African countries were given independence, it was pseudo as the leaders who took over from the colonialists were and still are their agents.

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