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Betty Nambooze roasted on social media over comments on the Bombardier planes

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke is one who is known for invoking sentiments among social media users whenever she speaks as most Opposition leaders.

However at times some of her comments have been met with backlash to what people terms as being so negative and over critical.

It was the same as social media users roasted her over her comments on the Bombardier Uganda planes that recently made their first flight to Dubai.

It should be noted that the Bombardeier planes are the ones that Uganda airways uses and a few days ago made the maiden flight to Dubai which shall be followed by many.

However according to Nambooze, the Bombardier was taken to persuade the Arabs to abort using Emirates and use the Bombardiers.

“Bombardier has been taken to Dubai to persuade the Arabs to use Bombardier, yet they have Emirates,” Nambooze said.

This saw warrior keyboards take to the comment section to lecture the legislator one or two things about this move.

“I think the Hon. Member forgot that Bombardier is a jet manufacturing company and Emirates is an airline like it is with Uganda Airline. And Even the plane that flew to Dubai was not Bombardier but rather Airbus Neo330,” one user said.

“I didn’t agree with her on this one. Make research on the contribution of a national career to economic growth visavi none,” another said.

“It’s like saying we should not advertise or try not to market Uganda because those people have their own countries, people look for better services and we can have more customers than Emirates if our services are better,” another said.

“Though opposition, I don’t agree with her on this one, in a capitalistic world business is characterized by cut_throat competition, if you fear to compete and pull down giants, am afraid you are in a wrong trade.”

“Who told
that Emirates is a type of aeroplanes manufactured..like Bombardier , Madame teacher Emirates is a travel/ transport company.”

“Someone Educate
so that she stops embarrassing her self.
A member of Parliament doesn’t know that close to 100,000 Ugandans live and work in the UAE, of these more than 30,000 travel every year. Is it wrong for Uganda Airlines to venture in this lucrative route?”

“So namboze when you landed in Dubai waraba Emirates only at airport ???? Bcz it’s UAE tusomose abaana brand names and marketing
that’s why mu7 akyatutwara speed we can’t have leaders with such minus thinking capacity.”

“Just say , obuganda buladde, the rest you’re just a mess.,”

“This one of career leave issues of the intellectuals to them, go and teach nursery kids.”

Many this time did not side with the politician accusing her of being a pessimist and always politicking unnecessarily.

Minister Haruna Kasolo who was also in the studio told Nambooze that there is a world expo going on in Dubai.

Therefore taking the Bombardier to Dubai was not simply to market Uganda to Dubai but to other countries present who would be interested.

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