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May 19, 2024
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Jamal returns to stage, promises concert in 2024

Music lovers who turned up for Aziz Azion’s November 4, Serena concert were wowed when reclusive singer Jamal turned up as one of the guest performers.

Jamal is famous for love ballads like Ononsonyiwa, Anavawa and Kangende which he released in the mid 2000s. Jamal stood out immediately for his sweet vocals and R&B style of music that went against the grain of dancehall Ragga that was dominating the airwaves at the time.

However, the musician who had hundreds of female fans eating out of his hand disappeared off the Ugandan music scene as suddenly as he had stormed it for nearly a decade. However, his music continues to be played on radio stations and at weddings and other private events.

It was therefore a shock and delight to the fans who had turned up for Azion’s Strings of Love concert to see the reclusive musician turn up to perform.

On top of having much of the audience singing along word for word as he took it through his biggest hits, Jamal excited the already hyped up crowd with the announcement that he will stage a concert just for them in 2024.

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