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Singer Bruno K tells how medical worker almost killed his daughter

Musician Bruno K has narrated how a medical worker almost killed his 3 year old daughter Brielle Kiggundu.

Taking to his Twitter page, the singer said that his daughter suffered uncontrollable vomiting.

And in order to control it, he took her to a medical worker.

This health practitioner prescribed a drug known as Plasil.

However, this didn’t better things as she started shaking uncontrollably and also got severe hallucinations.

This scared the Faridah singer who decided to rush her to a certain kids doctor known as Dr Jamil.

However, before all this, the singer noticed that another effect the drug caused to his daughter was failure to walk.

On reaching Dr Jamil’s place, Bruno was told that his daughter was given an overdose of this Plasil drug.

Bruno went ahead to caution parents about the dangers of this drug.

He also said that he picked a number of lessons such as always having kids treated by qualified pediatricians.

The singer ended with the good news of how his daughter is slowly and positively recovering.

“Yesterday I almost lost my child because some one prescribed the wrong dosage for my child. She was vomiting alot, so to control the vomiting they gave her 10 Mills of plasil which is meant for an adult. My daughter started shaking continuously and having serious hallucinations.”

“The next thing she stopped walking. We rushed her to Doctor Jamil an expert in kids that’s where I was told that my daughter was given an over dose of plasil. Dear parents that drug is very deadly and dangerous. The lesson I learnt out of this, don’t take your child to any one.”

“These kids have to be attended to by paeds coz they understand them well. My child is recovering well but I shared this information so that parents can learn from it.”

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