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June 23, 2024
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Shocking video of Ugandan girl being kidnapped into marriage

Social media users in Uganda have been left furious after a video surfaced of a young girl being kidnapped by several men.

According to this video, this girl is forcefully taken off a bodaboda she was traveling on. They then force her into a Toyota corolla car and drive off.

At first there was scanty details and intentions of the kidnap but some information has now been released about this kidnapped girl.

According to a Twitter user known as Joan Mugabo, this girl is known as Naome an S.2 student who has been in her holiday.

The kidnapper is known as Abel Arinaitwe Kamiheto. This incident took place in Kyotera district in mukabuta-kibaati area.

It’s further said Naome’s father died and her mother was taken over by his brother, the girl’s uncle. This was identified as an act of forced marriage.

This act is common especially amongst the Bahima culture and is locally known as “okukiriza.” This is where a girl is just kidnapped and taken to man’s home whether the girl has consented or not.

From there, she’s made to submit and allow to be dominated by the man as his wife and eventually they end up remaining as husband and wife.

This is a definition of forced marriage which lots of social media users have come out to condemn in huge numbers.

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