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May 19, 2024
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Bobi Wine hits out at Museveni after World Bank rubbishes claims of Uganda becoming a Middle class income

For some time this year, President Museveni has been claiming how Uganda hit the middle income status. He even questioned why the Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija didn’t mention this while reading the yearly budget.

However, earlier this week the world Bank rubbished these claims by saying that the East African country’s still a low income earner.

Bobi Wine in a Facebook post said that ‘dictator Museveni’ declared the country a middle class country to cover up for the mismanagement he’s plundered the country into for the past 40 years.

The NUP principle added that the loot Museveni has amassed together with his clique has made him think that its what every citizen possesses. However his partners in crime, the World Bank also felt embarrassed by the NRM’S head’s claims thus refuting his claims.

“Being the pathological liar that he is, dictator Museveni recently sought to cover up the economic mismanagement that he has presided over for nearly 40 years by claiming that Uganda has attained middle income status.

The excessive wealth he and his clique have amassed from looting our country has made Museveni oblivious to and deliberately unbothered about the biography poverty in which majority of the population live in.

Unsurprising that his partners in the World Bank now feel compelled to remind him of the reality on ground- a reality the the ordinary Ugandan knows too well.”

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