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March 5, 2024
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I will support Museveni’s recommendation of eating cassava if he reduces his appetite for spending- Hon Lulume Bayiga

Former Buikwe South Mp Hon Lulume Bayiga has come out to say that he has no problem in supporting the President’s recommendation to citizens to eat casaava. But he will only do this once Museveni also reduces his appetite for spending unnecessarily.

President Museveni a few weeks ago told Ugandans to eat Cassava instead of bread. This is amidst the growing increase in prices of different household commodities with each growing day.

Further the president said that Ugandans should sparingly use the items they have or substitute those that they can with locally available commodities. However some believe that the president preaches drinking water as he sips on wine.

According to Dr Lulume, taxes on fuel should be reduced. Once this is done, prices on other commodities too will reduce. This is because when one has no transport goods can’t move which stagnates the economy.

Further, the former legislator said that something can be done to reverse this economic situation if only the government involved the public.

In regards to his former party president Dr Kiiza Besigye striking over these prices, Dr Lulume said that Ugandans are hypocrites.

This is because Besigye is not striking because he doesn’t have what to eat, its because he knows what the common lay man is going through.

Dr Lulume Bayiga also said that if the country had economic structures, the current economic tension wouldn’t be felt because there would be somewhere to get money from and ease the tension.

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