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June 18, 2024
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The first step of economy liberation is getting rid of the regime

Former FDC president Rtd Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has said that Ugandans need to take the first step of getting rid of Gen Museveni and his government in order to create a chance for this country to have the necessary economic liberation.

Besigye who was arrested and is being kept at his home in Kasangati by security forces as he attempted to rally Ugandans to fight for change amidst the spiking high prices for goods and services said this government is deliberately making Ugandans poor by not doing anything to save the tax payers amidst the high inflation.

He further says that a functional government would have lowered taxes on some of the essential commodities like fuel, soap and foodstuffs but instead the decision makers are just seated enjoying the loot they have been grabbing from Ugandans for long.

Further, he added that people should not see him as a liberator but only as a person who has started to campaign and thus should simply join him in the struggle to get rid of the regime.

Besigye who is a four time presidential candidate has been under house arrest for the past few days.

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