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NUP says that it doesn’t have time to reply Nobert Mao

The Secretary General of the National Unity Platform David Lewis Rubongoya has revealed that they don’t have time to reply the attacks from DP president Nobert Mao.

It should be noted that Mao has been attacking the Kamwokya based party with some seriously damaging allegations.

The party is however yet to come out on a full scale reply of these allegations and it seems that they don’t have time to do so and they won’t.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze, Rubongoya said contrary to what Mao says that Kyagulanyi is a demigod, its a lie because he’s been critiqued the most in the country.

“I heard


call Hon. Kyagulanyi a demi-god, but if there’s a person who has been criticized by all kinds of people in this country, it is Hon. Kyagulanyi. Even us who work closely with him disagree with him sometimes in meetings.”

Rubongoya further said that Ugandans have real issues to deal with such as the prices of basic commodities skyrocketing than watch the Opposition bicker amongst themselves.

He then added that if people ever lose hope in NUP, they will themselves turn against the party.

“If tomorrow the people of Uganda start doubting us (NUP), they will also turn their guns towards us.
The people of Uganda have real issues to deal with, prices of commodities are high, we have a rigged election we still want answers about then you have a person come to divert the attention of the people of Uganda.”

Rubongoya went ahead to say that most of the issues Mao highlights are absolutely lies especially the IPOD money. The NUP SG says that the money Mao refers to is allocated to NUP by law.

Rubongoya then proceeded to give some advice to Mao. He said that he should try to sober up when people haven’t lost credibility in him such as the likes of Andrew Mwenda.

“I had to go through some of the things Mao was saying because I was coming for this show, but we are very busy planning for this nation. Some lies, however, need clarity. This money (for political parties) they are talking about is in the law.

I still have some respect for Hon. Norbert Mao, but I hope he can find himself. We have people like Andrew Mwenda that also have to find themselves because they’ve mastered the art of being hypocrites.”

Rubongoya however accepted that some of the things Mao points out are correct but the Party concealed the information deliberately.

“Most of those documents you are referring to, we posted them ourselves. Mao saying our party changed a name in 2019 is a fact. We had to behave like guerrillas.”

Rubongoya concluded by saying that Mao’s rants are a diversion. Therefore their concern as a party is not the attacks of Mao but what they can offer onto the table of change.

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