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November 27, 2022
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Hungary’s Prime Minister Blames NATO for the Russian Ukrainian crisis

The Prime Minister of Hungary Orbàn Viktor has come out to blame NATO’s continued and steady expansion into the East as the major reason for the Russian-Ukranian Crisis. He also pointed out the blocks refusal of two key Russian demands as the causes of the other causes conflict.

He highlighted Russia’s wishes for Ukrainian neutrality and for NATO to refuse to admit the nation as security guarantees that were not met arguing that Russia instead opted to receive them through war.

The Prime Minister went on to condemn Russia’s actions urging the conflicting nations to get back to the negotiating table as soon as possible.

Meanwhile back in Uganda, political analyst and senior journalist Andrew Mwenda blamed the US for this crisis.

“I personally think the United States has caused the crisis in Ukraine. The Western states have no strategic interest in Ukraine. They just want to encircle Russia. Any leader of Ukraine would know that them entering NATO threatens Russia. If you are Ukraine, you say you have a right to join NATO, which threatens Russia, your neighbor then be ready for it’s reaction,” Mwenda said.

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