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June 18, 2024
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Some Opposition Leadees Are Just Paid To Create Diversion – Bobi Wine Hits Back At Nobert Mao

The National Unity Platform leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine while addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in Kamwokya has come out to say that he’s not afraid for any verbal exchanges with any other Opposition leader as he is concentrating on the Liberation struggle.

Kyagulanyi says that some are in the Opposition are paid by the regime to create diversions and make the population lose focus on the struggle trying to paint a picture that the Opposition is at war with itself. This seemed a lioeu reply to DP president Nobert Mao.

He adds that those we see so silent on issues affecting Ugandans but so loud on attacking fellow Opposition leaders are simply moles who don’t deserve any one’s ear to listen to their rants.

“Of recent some people are so loud on social media and moving from one station to another attacking NUP. We all know who they are and who they work for now. It’s a pity but let’s stay focused on liberating this country,” says Bobi Wine.

Recently NUP has been under constant attacks from DP president Nobert Mao who accused it of being an incompetent party thay came into existence after striking a deal with the NRM to hoodwink the public that there is an Opposition.

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