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June 13, 2024
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Nobert Mao goes bare knuckles on NUP as he accuses the party of hypocrisy

Dp president Nobert Mao seems to have gotten enraged by the latest move from the National Unity Platform leaders and supporters after protests outside a Seattle hospital.

This is where the speaker Hon Jacob Oulanyah is currently receiving treatment. It’s said that 1.7b shillings was spent on his medication.

Mao said that Oulanyah never asked to be taken abroad for treatment. It was rather President Museveni who organized this medical trip.

He said that NUP preaches this and does otherwise. Therefoe a tornado will sweep across it and expose its filth.

Mao added that there are categories of people who are entitled to receive treatment at the expense of public funds. The speaker and NUP ‘hypocrites’ are some of those.

Mao went ahead to reveal how he was only airlifted by the UPDF chopper when fell sick in 2014 because he wasn’t accorded such treatment.

The former presidential candidate said that he’s not against people protesting the misuse of public funds.

However, what he’s against is the hypocrites attacking a man fighting for his life.

Mao also said that these should have attacked Museveni who sanctioned the trip and not Oulanyah.

He also added that NUP heads the parliamentary commissions on transparency and accountability. They would have therefore used these to pin the government on misuse of funds.

After being attacked on how he’s a mole in the Opposition that usually gets favors from the government, Mao said that he only gets photo moments with the NRM and not its firty money unlike NUP.

He also said that very soon these NUP leaders shall start exposing their lavish lifestyle got from the struggle.

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