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March 1, 2024
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Mubarak Munyagwa stings NUP saying it has no direction

Former Kawempe South Mp Hon Mubarak Munyagwa has come out to criticize the National Unity Platform for lacking any sense of direction as far as the struggle to oust President Museveni is concerned.

The FDC cadre said that NUP doesn’t seem to know what to do and always acts in haste and panic just to assure the public that they have the situation at hand yet in actuality, nothing is being done.

He noted two examples of where NUP started to move around the country after seeing Dr Besigye launch the red card front which they thought would overshadow their popularity among the masses and soon as Besigye relaxed a bit to give them way, they also decided to take the foot off the pedal.

Munyagwa further pointed out how the Leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga led the Opposition Mps out of Parliament protesting the against the continued detention of opposition supporters in the various detention centers.

He added that this was another panicky movement since the party had seen MP Abed Bwanika making controversial statements asking them to dialogue with the NRM led government so that political detainees are released.

With such kinds of moves, there is totally no achievement that has been registered so far and if things continue in such a manner , Ugandans will remain disappointed.

Munyagwa also hinted on the fact that so many Opposition Mps are already compromised by the regime and thus they are not willing to support any efforts to oust the regime out of power.

“Some have already bought houses in the US. They are heavily funded by the regime. It is a pity.,” Munyagwa said.

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