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June 18, 2024
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Betty Nambooze Explains The Opposition’s Major Problem

Mukono Mucincipality MP Hon Betty Bakireke Nambooze has come out to reveal the biggest problem hindering Uganda’s Opposition political parties.

According to the NUP Mp, the problem all arises from pride and who will take credit after achieving anything.

She further said, that as the Opposition political parties, they should ask themselves where they want to see themselves in the future.

Nambooze said that both NUP and FDC are fighting for the same cause, only that they have different leaders.

These could have and should unite but the biggest problem arises from pride.

“We should ask ourselves, where do we want to go as a nation? NUP and FDC are the same; they are all fighting for the same cause. The only problem is that they have a different Mugabe (leader).

The biggest problem in the opposition is about who takes the credit. That is why they can’t unite,” Nambooze said while appearing on the NBS’ Barometer show.

According to Nambooze, politics is all about being partisan and the main goal is arguing to win.

“Politics is about disagreements and being partisan. It is about struggling to win I told people in Mukono that if you hear me argue, you know I’m doing my job,” she added.

Nambooze on the issue of uniting Opposition political parties said that its impossible.

She further said that these can only be United in issues of common interest.

“All opposition parties can’t be united. It is just like Christians; they are only united in insulting Satan. It is a mistake to continue repeating the mistakes. Let us give ourselves time to look into the things we can jointly do together.”

Disunity in the Opposition is what has continued to hinder their progress and perhaps their biggest challenge.

It’s what the government has always used against them and this also puts off most of their supporters.

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