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Entertainment industry pays homage to the Late Moze Radio

Today 1st February 2022 marks exactly four years since singer Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio passed away.

Friends, fans and artists have taken to their different social media platforms to honor and pay homage to the lae singer.

A memorial was held last night at his burial place in Nakawuka, Kagga to remember the memory of the late Neera singer.

His singing partner Weasel took to the Facebook page the duo used to share to describe how he felt that day.

The Ebyaana singer narrated how he fainted twice not believing that his musical brother was gone.

He however had to be strong for the fans and family alike.

Weasel proceeded to thank everyone who saw him and all those associated to Radio through that tumultuous period.

“It was this very day 2018 wen the Radio changed frequency….the Air waves went mute….the streets went silent with shock and great fear. The king was gone.

This very day i fainted like twice and I was put on an emergency drip to get me back up so that I can hold it together for our family and fans….special thanks to some people who covered us during that time….The Artists, The State, The President, Promoters etc…Special thanks to Balaam, Bryan White, Gen Muhoozi for giving us security and Kololo airstrip and Kagga coz it reached a time when it was too much for us to handle coz Radio was loved worldwide.

We celebrate your Legacy always Moses. Hopefully next year we shall be holding a Radio festival,” Weasel wrote on their Facebook page.

Radio’s death hurt and pained many music lovers in the country and abroad.

He was talented like no other and probably the best of his era.

Together with Weasel, they formed a dynamic duo that not only conquered East Africa but became global.

He however succumbed to injuries sustained after a bar brawl in Entebbe that saw him go into coma for almost a week before passing away.

The singer would have been 37 years old now as his birthday was celebrated about a week ago.

However, his career and life were unfortunately cut short over an issue that could have been amicably solved.

A one Troy was arrested and convicted of manslaughter and is currently serving his jail term although he refutes having killed Radio.

A lot of mystery and conspiracies surrounded his death.

However, the Radio has never gone mute and his legacy will live on for years to come.

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