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Bobi Wine and NUP are failures – Nandala Mafabi

The MP for Budadiri west county in Sironko district Hon Nandala Mafabi has come out to label the National Unity Platform and its leader failures.

The FDC secretary General said that NUP used to accuse the Najjanankumbi based party of not working so hard for regime change.

They therefore decided to give the Kamwokya based party and its leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu space to work to see what they have to offer.

Mafabi however wondered what the party has so far done and according him to him, it’s nothing.

The former Leader of Opposition added that NUP accused FDC of wining and dining with Museveni but so far they appear to be even more worse players.

“We have given NUP space to work because they thought we were doing nothing. What is Kyagulanyi doing? What are his people doing?

They said we were massaging Museveni. Even former presidential candidate John Katumba has come out asking for permission to conduct a peaceful demonstration,” Mafabi said.

The Opposition political parties seem to have gazetted a league of their own where they decided to play against each other.

This could have been after realizing that the NRM is perhaps not their match and this has played directly into it’s advantage.

Mafabi in the same vein talked about the fuel crisis which he said government is to blame for the scarcity and skyrocketing fuel prices.

Mafabi further said that the prices have remained intact on the world market but just changed in Uganda.

This is because of the government’s greed in trying to collect COVID-19 testing fees from the fuel truck drivers.

Mafabi wondered how a landlocked country like Uganda would fail to fill up it’s fuel reserves yet it it has them.

“You can’t blame Parliament. It has done its part. The Executive should also do its part. The prices have not changed on the world market. The fuel crisis is as a result of the trucks not coming into the country.

The best thing for the government to do now is to remove tax because they (the government) are the ones that have caused the crisis. They wanted to collect money from COVID-19 testing.

You can only have this fuel crisis stopped by doing two things; 1. Having reserves filled up 2. Having planners.”

He also said that the end result of where these truck drivers are parked will be prostitution, poor sanitation and theft if they are not cleared to leave.

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