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April 17, 2024
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Museveni will arrest Muhoozi the day he ever eyes his seat- Mubarak Munyagwa

Former Kawempe South Mp Hon Mubarak Munyagwa has come out to say that President Museveni will arrest his own son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba the day he ever eyes his Presidency seat.

This is because President Museveni also still wants the power.

“The day Muhoozi comes out and says he wants to stand for President, they will arrest him. President Museveni still wants power,” Munyagwa said.

Munyagwa also criticized the proposed amendment of the constitution which aims at eliminating Ugandans from voting for the President.

A rumor has been making rounds how the NRM intends to bring a proposal that will see MPs vote for the President and not the public.

Munyagwa wondered how an election in Parliament will be fair if the one outside is not.

He also said that Museveni is only afraid of the an uprising and not a ballot box.

The ex MP added that they won’t look on as Ugandans are denied their right to vote.

Contrary to what rumor has been spreading that its the MPs who lost in the election fronting the idea of disenfranchizing Ugandans from voting, Munyagwa said that it’s the NRM MPs.

“President Museveni is tired of traversing the country for votes. If the election outside the parliament has always been unfair, do you think you can win an election against Museveni in Parliament that they once raided and beat up all of us?

President doesn’t fear a ballot box, all he fears is an uprising. When we started the Walk to Work movement, he rushed to defuse most of our commanders.”

“We, the people of Uganda, won’t look on as they try to disenfranchise Ugandans. If you want the MPs to elect the President, should councilors elect the MPs? It is not right to say the MPs who lost in the election are fronting the proposal of amending the election process. It is the NRM MPs,” Munyagwa said.

NUP Katikamu North MP Hon Ssekabira Denis also weighed in on the Muhoozi topic.

He said that the Muhoozi project being created is a false narrative.

This is because the first son will never be president since he doesn’t have the capacity to lead a nation.

“All those tweets Muhoozi makes are aimed at driving the false Muhoozi Project narrative and to make us feel like we can handle Muhoozi when he comes. All President Museveni needs is an electoral college vote.
Muhoozi can’t be the President of Uganda as long as President Museveni is still around.”

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