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February 24, 2024
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You will all come back to DP after suffering- Nobert Mao warns Ugandans

DP president Nobert Mao has come out to warn Ugandans saying that they are still suffering under the NRM and the complicated Opposition unless they realize that DP is the party to lead them to the promised land.

Mao made these comments while appearing on NBS TV’s Face Off.

The former presidential candidate added that Ugandans will wander around aimlessly and finally come back to DP after they realize that the party’s gospel is the right one.

Mao further blamed the media for always discrediting him and his party.

This is in relation to his remarks in the 2021 general elections where he said that he will quit the party’s leadership if it did not get enough MPs in the Parliament.

Media always swarmed him questioning him when he would step down since his prophecy had failed.

He however said that he corrected some of his remarks even before the elections.

Mao however wondered why the same questions weren’t opposed to other leaders.

In this instance, he pointed out NUP leader, Bobi Wine who said that he would quit politics if he did remove Museveni from power in the past elections.

“Ugandans will keep suffering and wandering aimlessly until they realize that what the DP preaches is the right principle. They will finally come back and support the party after being left with no option. For instance as you know, the leader of NUP said that he would quit politics if he didn’t dislodge Museveni from power in the 2021 presidential elections. I have not heard the media put that to him. But in the case of Mao, you keep singing it. You the media are the most dishonest people because you want to keep putting Mao on the whipping post,” Mao said.

The DP president also added that the NRM is on a vacation until the Opposition steps up its game.

Short of this, the NRM will continue sailing because there is lack of cohesion in the Opposition.

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