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Stand and fight before Museveni imposes his son on us – Bobi Wine to Ugandans

NUP president and former presidential candidate Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has come out to warn Ugandans that if they don’t stand up and fight united against Museveni, then his son is likely to be imposed on the country as the next ruler.

This is after allegations that Museveni is planning to introduce a new system where MPs will be the ones to vote the president.

Bobi Wine says that this scheme is meant to help Museveni’s “drunk son” Muhoozi rule the country since he can’t get even 5% of the election if he contested.

“Museveni having been roundly defeated in the last election, now wants to take away the right of the people of Uganda to elect their President. Of course he plans to do this in order to impose his drunk son on us, well knowing that he can’t even get 5% of a popular vote.”

Bobi Wine said that Ugandans should not underestimate this scheme because that’s how the previous schemes have been working.

“The people of Uganda must not underestimate the new scheme- this is how all the past schemes started, including removing term limits and age limit from the Constitution. But as they say, “What will kill a man begins as an appetite.”

The singer turned politician thanked his supporters saying that they have helped to expose the regime.

He however Reed Ugandans to step up the fight because everybody has a role to play in uprooting the system.

“I thank the people of Uganda for the pressure these past three years. You can see how much you have exposed the dictator and made him do the most shameless, unthinkable things. But we must now stop at talking and act. Each one of us has an equal stake in this country.

When we can, we shall, but don’t wait for us to tell you what to do. Think about what we can individually and collectively do to put an end to this madness.”

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