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June 18, 2024
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Mugisha Muntu urges Ugandans to push Museveni out of power by all means

Former Army Commander and leader of the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT), Maj Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu has come out to say that Ugandans should employ any means possible to kick President Museveni out of power.

Hosted by exiled veteran journalist Henry Gombya on the UNN Live online channel, Gen Muntu said that Ugandans should be aware that uprooting Gen Museveni cannot take one trick or two but a combination of many to completely break the NRA system.

The former presidential candidate added that he welcomes all individuals who are willing to take part in the struggle by using elections, civil disobedience or any other means that can lead to the common goal of deposing Gen Museveni out of power.

Muntu however said that all the groups in the struggle for change must unite and get more organized than ever before so as to avoid a scenario of creating a crisis after Museveni’s gone.

“Imagine today Museveni dies in power. Is the Opposition ready to take charge of this country? I don’t think so. That’s why I call upon all the change seeking forces to unite and form a common front to avoid a crisis,” Muntu said.

He also added that if the Opposition keeps being divided as it is of now, Museveni can easily be succeeded by his son and this is a thing Ugandans should fight so that it doesn’t happen.

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