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July 17, 2024
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NUP reveals why it has continued to participate in “rigged” elections

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has come out to reveal why it has continued to participate in elections it alleges are rigged.

The Opposition faithful have for long bemoaned the elections organized by the Electoral Commission as rigged in favor of the NRM.

This however leaves people wondering why these political parties go ahead to participate in them which in the end legitimize the government.

The recent election in Kayunga district LC V by election has had everyone talking how it was rigged in favor of NRM’s Andrew Muwonge yet all factors favored NUP’s Harriet Nakweede.

However NUP’s secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya says that the sole reason they participate in these elections is to expose the government’s abuse of democracy.

Rubongoya says that elections might not depose Museveni but they act as a mobilization tool for their eventual objective.

“We believe in democracy, but we know we are dealing with a regime that doesn’t believe in democracy or elections.
We go into elections for mobilization purposes. I know the regime does all sorts of things to discourage us from participating in elections.

Elections might not remove Gen. Museveni from power, but they are an important mobilization tool for us. The Presidential campaigns, for example, allowed us to reach out to the masses, even though it was like a war situation,” he said.

He also says that the NRM clearly knows that they lost in Kayunga.

The party is however trying to assert itself forcefully onto the people.

He also says that Nakweede is going to court.

Talking about the Judiciary which the party has for long taunted as incompetent, Rubongoya says that they only exposed the rot there (it seems NUP has a ‘mission expose them’).

“Kayunga is not yellow. NRM is trying to force Kayunga to love it, but the people of Kayunga know who they voted for.

These figures we have are not cooked up. Nakweede is going to court, first of all, to present our figures on record as evidence.

We didn’t diss the courts in the last petition; we just exposed them. Many people didn’t know the rot in the Judiciary, but we exposed them for who they are.”

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