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December 1, 2022
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It’s a curse to get wealth through corruption -Museveni

President Museveni has come out to caution all those that accumulate their wealth through corruption saying raht this is a curse.

Museveni quoted the Bible saying that he believes in the parable of talents and therefore people have to work for that they want to achieve.

Museveni made the comments while commemorating the global Anti corruption day.

He went ahead to call upon the different government organizations charged with fighting the vice to step up their game without fear or intimidation.

Museveni says that he told the Chief Justice that there are many criminals who should be apprehended and charged with corruption.

“I am calling upon the different government bodies charged with fighting corruption to rise up to the task without fear. I have told the Chief Justice that he should expect to find “a plateful” of “criminals” to be charged with corruption.”

Museveni further says that “In the meantime, we MUST do certain things correctly. One can not keep talking about corruption while drawing too much salary for doing “nothing”. I am happy with the lifestyle audit campaign and I recommend a performance audit campaign too.”

The president again said that the way resources are allocated should be brought into question as this needs to be done correctly to ensure fair distribution of the available resources.

“That way we shall allocate things correctly. The doctors see some people getting so much, and then you tell them there is no money. This is why I refused my salary to be increased. You can’t say tighten your belt when you are loosening yours!”

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