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Parliament is an undemocratic corrupt Institution – Muwanga Kivumbi

Butambala MP Hon Muwanga Kivumbi has come out to label the Parliament he serves in as an undemocratic corrupt Institution.

Muwanga made the comments while appearing on NBS TV where he was tackling the vice of corruption. 

The MP said that unless Uganda’s Parliament is cleaned out of MPs and officials who are corrupt and paid to peddle corruption sweeteners, then the vice is still around for some time.

“Unless we have a Parliament that is fully democratic and corruption-free, we won’t make progress.

I know MPs who are hired to speak for and peddle corruption. I know MPs paid to make a case for bad law,” the MP said.

He went ahead to say that most people who work in Parliament lack merit because they are merely appointed and not voted for.

Hon Muwanga Kivumbi further said that the country should be wary of who is sent to preach against corruption.

This is because most of these politicians bribed their voters enroute to the positions they hold.

Therefore preaching about the vice that took them to where they are is unrealistic.

“Even in nursery school, the children vote for their own leaders. In Parliament, commissioners and committee heads are appointed. I have written reports and given names to money.

I am not at liberty to reveal those things here because I don’t enjoy immunity.

If I took UGX 100 million to a church, does the Priest have the authority to ask me where I got that money from? Even if I stole that money, do you think the Priest will reject that amount? We must be very careful as we deploy who does what. You can’t send a witch doctor to tell people to go to church.

Jesus Christ needed to be a right messenger with the right message. Who are the messengers saying no to corruption? How many of these people didn’t bribe voters during the election? You must have a moral authority to speak against corruption.”

Muwanga also said that he’s served in Parliament for about 8 years now and he well knows the levels of corruption in the country.

According to Muwanga, the problem is bigger than what most people anticipate.

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